Eater LA - UberEATS

A massive steal for anyone who's hungry.

Did you still not know that Uber will just, like, SEND you food? Honestly, it’s one of the weirdest and best parts of living in a city as gigantic and spread out as L.A. — play your Uber credits right, and you could be sitting on the Eastside eating a Godmother from Bay Cities that was delivered to you in under 10 minutes, and for free.

Apparently, not enough people are putting the word out about UberEATS though, because for the next two weeks every item on their menu — the options rotate daily, pulling popular dishes from restaurants across the city — is going to be priced between $9 and $12, for both lunch and dinner. They're even calling it CheapEATS, though Eater covered that pretty extensively not long ago.

This week, that means a $9 meatball sandwich from Paninoteca in Beverly Hills, a $12 dinnertime portobello pot pie from simplethings, a medium Fatburger with chips for $7.50 (!!), and a $12 sirloin steak from Larchmont Bungalow.

And next week, the deals start all over again, with new places and new menu options, delivered to wherever you happen to be.