When you join the Fatburger family, you receive the support provided by an organization committed to success. You will also benefit from the experience of a professional management team. Fatburger has developed an effective, systematic process to get our franchisees up and running quickly. That support includes architecture and design, operational support, purchasing, equipment selection, training and recruitment, advertising and marketing, and real estate guidelines.
Fatburger provides architectural and design assistance to the franchisee. As part of this assistance, we furnish prototype plans. We will be available for consultation as your architect modifies these plans to fit your specific location. Fatburger also provides design guidelines, signage specifications and other materials to assist you.
As a franchisee, you receive guidance in the layout and design of your restaurant. We outline the equipment needs for a location (i.e., refrigerators, freezers, fryers, grills, etc.), and provide guidance in the selection of contractors and vendors. Fatburger recommends that you seek competitive bids for any capital items you purchase.
Franchisees receive guidance in purchasing food supplies and paper products.
Proper training is absolutely essential for maintaining the consistency and integrity of the Fatburger operation. To that end, we set rigorous standards for staff development.

As a franchisee, you will receive a detailed and comprehensive curriculum on operating your Fatburger business. You will receive thorough instructions in:
• Restaurant Operations
• Restaurant Management
• Safety and Health
• Local Marketing
• Site Selection

Every franchisee receives a set of Fatburger manuals containing the entire training program. These can be kept on hand for reference to direct your daily operations. They provide quick and convenient information -- answering your questions regarding all operating procedures.

Following the development of the new site, Fatburger will assist you in planning your grand opening. When you open your doors, our team will be there to make sure your opening is a successful one.
No business can be successful without creative advertising and an intelligent marketing plan. To continually attract our diverse customer base, our advertising must react faster, be more daring, more innovative, and more focused on the specific community in which each location is situated. Our experience has shown this is the only proven method to stay ahead of the competition.

Our flair for creative advertising and marketing sets us apart from other chains or franchises. Our distinctive history, our L.A. roots, our cooked-to-order great tasting burger, and the look and sound of our restaurants, all provide great opportunities for innovative marketing.
Each franchisee is assigned a Fatburger Franchise Consultant. They will consult with you and make recommendations concerning financial analysis, promotions and restaurant operations. This will insure the highest standard of operational procedures thus maximizing sales and profitability.
As a multi-unit chain, Fatburger negotiates preferential prices on behalf of its franchisees. We provide specifications for approved products and a list of approved vendors. Fatburger's purchasing operation is intended solely to ensure quality assurance and cost-effectiveness. Franchisees are not required to purchase any supplies from Fatburger.