The now famous Fatburger Restaurant actually had humble beginnings many years ago in the spotless kitchen of Ms. Lovie Yancey. Her guests enjoyed her hamburgers so much that she was encouraged to share her unique recipe with the world. Ms. Yancey took their advice and opened her first restaurant in Los Angeles, in 1952. She called her restaurant "Fatburger." Her loyal customers called it, "The Last Great Hamburger Stand." Now, sixty years later, the red and yellow sign still holds the same promise as it did then. A promise to serve you a great homemade hamburger prepared fresh daily at every location. You will never find a frozen or prefabricated Fatburger. Yet, in these health-conscious times, why call it a Fatburger? Fatburger is a big, hearty, juicy, gourmet hamburger that uses fresh, 100% pure lean beef. Interestingly, a local NBC News program conducted an independent test in 1990 to determine the fat content of the hamburgers prepared by the major chains in Los Angeles. They found that Fatburger served the leanest hamburger of them all. The demand for this incredible burger was such that in 1980, Ms. Yancey decided to offer Fatburger franchise opportunities. In 1990, with the goal of expanding Fatburger throughout the world, the Fatburger Corporation purchased the business from Ms. Yancey. Today, Fatburger has grown to a worldwide restaurant chain.
Fatburger has become a familiar presence in Southern California. Currently, Fatburger has over 100 locations worldwide. In addition to our California roots, Fatburger has expanded to AZ, FL, GA, IL, MD, MI, NE, NV, NJ, OH, & WA. Internationally, Fatburger has expanded to Asia, Canada, and the Middle East.
At Fatburger, we are proud to say that word of mouth has filled our restaurants for over 60 years. Demographically, our appeal is limitless. Our customers come from every walk of life, mirroring the diversity of every community in which we are located. Teenagers, families with young children, singles, senior citizens, and people from all income levels, and ethnic backgrounds love a great burger. They tell their friends and associates about the superb homemade taste, spotless surroundings, friendly atmosphere and courteous service that they experience at Fatburger restaurants.
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