Fatburger is looking for qualified individuals or groups to help expand Fatburger nationwide. Franchise and joint venture opportunities exist for multi-unit operators.
Fatburger requires a minimum net worth of $1,500,000 (excluding automobiles, furnishings and personal residences), with a minimum of $500,000 in liquid assets. Liquid assets are defined as those which can be converted to cash within thirty (30) days.

The cost of establishing a Fatburger restaurant will vary according to the size of the facility, relative land issues and the extent of necessary leasehold improvements. Twenty-five percent of the total cost must be funded from personal resources. The remainder may be funded through traditional financial institutions or our approved lending sources
Qualified individuals can now multiply their opportunity by owning a mini-chain of Fatburger restaurants in a specified area. Minimum net worth requirements of the area franchise developer will be reviewed on an individual basis. The franchise developer will have to demonstrate that he/she possesses the financial strength and organization to maximize the development of the territory.
The franchise fee for each domestic Fatburger restaurant is $50,000.
The franchise fee for international restaurants varies by region, market size, and development term.
Your initial investment will vary based on the size of the restaurant and local conditions.
U.S.A. - Domestic Estimated Investment Low High
Domestic Franchise Fee $50,000 $50,000
Leasehold Improvements; Construction costs 185,000 400,000
Equipment, D├ęcor, and Furnishings $150,000 $150,000
Small Wares and Inventory; Deposits, Opening Expenses, Working Capital (3 months) $67,000 $120,000
Training, and Miscellaneous (Legal, accounting, licenses, permits, marketing materiels, insurance bonds) $46,000 $108,000
Total Domestic $508,600 $878,400
* International Estimated Investment Varies by Region, Market Size and Development Term.
Franchisees pay a royalty fee equal to 6% of the net sales of their Fatburger restaurant for continuing services. These ongoing services include continued use of the Fatburger name and trademark, operational support, marketing assistance, training programs, and other benefits of being a Fatburger franchisee.
Fatburger restaurants presently must contribute up to 1.75% of net sales to the national or international marketing budget. This marketing budget is used to build the Fatburger brand throughout various markets. All restaurants also spend at least 2.25% of net sales on local marketing.
If you meet our requirements and are ready to further pursue a Fatburger franchise opportunity, please complete the Request for Consideration form online. If you have any questions or comments, please call or email:

Fatburger Franchise Development
(310) 402-0606


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